Weighing – In

Weigh Pic 1Nov 10 – 22

Back by popular demand after a sell out run in Sept.

Written by Ger Gallagher.Dir. by Caroline Fitzgerald.Performed by Rose Henderson & Isobel Mahon
” No flab on this weighty drama”…Evening Herald
Weighing-In is a fast paced comedy play about life, love and dieting – and how we all need to adjust the scales to find the right balance.
..”Infectiously enjoyable”…. “a delightful look at the hysteria of the weight-loss industry…Michael Moffatt
Tickets: €12
Bookings: 087-1129970

Cailín Deas Productions present Weighing In  by Ger Gallagher

Starring:  Isobel Mahon (Glenroe, The Clinic) and Rose Henderson (Fair City, Father Ted)

Featuring the voice of Rosaleen Linehan as the diet leader.

Directed by:   Caroline Fitzgerald

Weighing-In is a fast paced comedy play about life, love and dieting – and how we all need to adjust the scales to find the right balance.

This topical play deals with the modern obsession of dieting. Set in an Easi-Slim clinic we meet the highly driven Pam and the motherly Breda. Both attend the weekly clinic for the weigh-in and strike up an unlikely friendship. While the voice of conscience booms from on high, the Easi-Slim instructor reigns over all.

The Easi-Slim diet clinic in Clones town hall has just signed up a new member – upwardly mobile Pam McGowan has cruised into town in her soft top sports car.  Pam has reached her target weight and has only signed up to maintain, and brag about the four stone she’s lost. Breda has diligently attended the Easi-Slim meetings but just can’t manage to win the battle of the bulge– until Pam comes along to power-walk her into shape.

Breda becomes a disciple of the high-priestess of low-carbs and is bowled over by just how fabulous Pam’s jet-set lifestyle really is.  With her low-calorie intake and rigorous exercise regime, Pam certainly lives life in the fasting lane.  In fact, the only part of Pam that weighs too much is her over-bloated ego.  Breda’s gushing admiration for her new diet guru buddy only serves to make Pam all the more condescending and insufferable. However, when Pam’s mask begins to slip, Breda is reminded that things aren’t always what they appear to be. Sometimes, you already have the life you wished for.


Ger Gallagher is an author and playwright, she lives in South County Dublin with her husband and two teenage daughters.   In addition to many short stories Ger is the author of four novels;  A Life Left Untold, Broken Passions, Shadow Play and  A Case of You.   ‘Weighing-In’, was adapted for radio and broadcast by RTE Drama on One in early January 2014.

“A must see for anyone who has ever been to a fat camp class”

“There are only two cast members on stage… The third is the ‘voice’ of Easi-Slim leader… Remember the choccie eating nun in Father Ted?! Or you might know her as Val in Fair City…. Rose Henderson is amazing as Breda… Her facial expressions throughout we’re enough to make you roll your eyes and think ‘oh Jesus that’s me!’ … She plays the culchie-type, country bumpkin, home loving, hard working mum who struggles with diets… Her onstage companion is Isobel Mahon … If you’re old enough to remember Glenroe then you’ll remember her as Michelle … If you’re of a younger persuasion you’ll know her as Bernie from ‘The Clinic’ … she plays Pam, the high flyer D4-ite who’s moved into town with her hubby Austin and has joined Easi slim to ‘maintain’ and is obsessed with diets and exercise… They both play their characters so well… And they are both so likeable… you secretly don’t want to admit who you’re most like of the two… and whichever one you are.. you KNOW the other type in your class very well!”… Review The Skinny Doll  May 2014





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