Unholy Trinity


A Magic Carpet production

May 1-5 2012

Nightly 8pm

Tickets €10

The dramatic story of the tempestuous relationship between Bram Stoker, Henry Irving and Ellen Terry during their careers at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Powerful and moving Unholy Trinity celebrates the life of the author of “Dracula” on the centenary of his death.

Henry Irving managed and starred in many plays, especially Shakespeare, until 1902, at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s West End, often engaging co-star Ellen Terry for that entire period of 24 years.  Stoker worked there for nearly twenty years as business manager of the theatre, and Irving was Stoker’s real-life inspiration for the character ‘Count Dracula’ in his now famous novel.

Organised by the Stoker Dracula Organisation, this event is one in a series of events to commemorate the first half of his centenary year 2012.


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