The Parting Glass


The Parting Glass

Written by Dermot Bolger

Performed by Ray Yeates

21 – 26 May 2012

Nightly 8 pm. €10. Call  0871129970

 A story of love, family, friendship, turbulent economic times… and Thierry Henry’s left hand!

Where were you when our World Cup dreams were dashed? Eoin was at the heart of the drama in Stade de France, Nov 18th 2009. Reunited with Mick and Shane, the three amigos on that fateful night…  After emigrating to Germany to find work during the 80’s, Eoin made a new life for himself with the help of his wife Frieda and son Dieter. Now he returns to an Ireland that has boomed and bust.

“Where Dorset Street has become so posh that all the women have turned blonde …… and the girls buying John Player Blue at Hardwick Street flats have a different pair of pyjamas to wear to the shops every day”.

The Parting Glass’ is a one-man show, charting Eoin’s journey through love, friendship, family and Ireland’s turbulent economic climate. * * * * The Irish Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Business Post, The Examiner

Yeates’s histrionic cheerleading is inspired. The play’s rousing climax will make even the most devoted theater lover wish that she followed sports“. – The New York Times


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