The Hole

The Hole BrenMar 9 – 21 The Hole..Its Deep!

Written  & Directed by John Sheehy
Performed by Bren Barnett
Produced by Cora Fenton
CallBack theatre, the company that brought you hugely successful Fred & Alice
“A storming performance and beautifully written”. Emer O’Kelly Sunday Independent


Tickets: €12
Bookings: 087-1129970



Ever dug yourself into a hole and couldn’t come out?
Ever dug yourself into a hole and didn’t want to come out?
The Hole tells the story of one man’s self imposed exile from society.
All he wants is to be left alone.
Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is!


A new play that offers proof of life after death and practical advice on how to dig a really big hole! When you are 50 ft down and grappling with the mysteries of the universe, sometimes the answer is to just to keep on digging.

“A storming performance and beautifully written”. Emer O’Kelly Sunday Independent

“John Sheehy has a smashing way with language; Bren Barnett has a smashing way with performance”. Emer O’Kelly Sunday Independent.

4 STARS – Public Reviews

“an engaging, intriguing and compelling tale”  ”a perfect balance of comic and serious moments”  (Bren Barnett)… “performing it excellently”

“Barnett brings this story to life with energy and depth both vocally and physically”
“a powerful piece”

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