Ruby Tuesday…..May 8 – 20

Ruby Tuesday 008
Starring Rose Henderson & Helen Norton.
Written by Rose Henderson.
Directed by Deirdre Molloy
If they didn’t laugh, they’d cry! If they weren’t friends they’d kill each other!


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In her gilded cage in the leafy suburbs of Dublin, Mrs. T has managed to hold onto her middle class lifestyle but at what cost? Filling her life with writers’ groups, yoga holidays, school reunions and obsessive cleaning is not quite enough. Her marriage is a sham, and her daughter wants to get away as far and fast as possible.  She has to pick up the pieces or succumb to depression.

Her husband may control her spending, but she does have a cleaning lady, Ruby, who calls every Tuesday to clean the house and blow away the cobwebs of Mrs. T’s life with sarcasm, wit and common sense.

This keenly observed comedy brings together two women who come to depend on each other for laughter and sanity, while their home life disintegrates around them.

As their stories unfold we see how banter and laughter help them to deal with the betrayals of children, the cold indifference of a failed marriage and the domestic catastrophes behind the double-glazing, spit and polish.

Performed by Rose Henderson (Fair City, Father Ted) and Helen Norton (Fair City, The Heiress)   Directed by Deirdre Molloy


Ruby Tuesday 016

Ruby Tuesday 013




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