Pilgrim main picJuly 20 -Aug 1

Performed by Rex Ryan
Written by Philip Doherty
Directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks
simply stunning.. Ryan’s breathless delivery is a joy to behold.The Herald
“It’s simply brilliant” Anglo Celt  Tickets €12

Tickets: €12
Bookings: 087-1129970

September 11th 2001, thousands of refugees from every culture   and   creed   descend   upon   the   doorsteps   of Newfoundland.  Villages  like  Gambo become  the  setting for a positive apocalypse.

In this surreal, inverted world, Christopher’s life pulls into focus and his rebirth is both arresting   and   comic. From   Dublin   to   California   to Gambo,  Christopher  embarks  on  a  wild  odyssey  home for the birth of his son. With allusions to classical myth, PILGRIM  is  a  bible-black comedy  about  a  hard edged, misanthropic   youth   who   finally   discovers   the   world doesn’t  revolve  around  him.

Written  by  award  winning playwright Philip Doherty, performed by Rex Ryan (Best Actor  nomination  ’13)  and  directed  by  Aoife  Spillane-Hinks, ‘PILGRIM’ weaves together a text rich with verbal pyro-technics,  a  haunting  soundscape,  and  psychedelic visuals through   a   tapestry   of   grotesque   worlds   and outlandish characters.


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