For Love

For LoveApr 29 – May 5

Due to popular demand there will be an extra show on Sun 5th May

Written by Laoisa Sexton
Performed by John Duddy, Jo Kinsella, Georgina McKevitt, Laoisa Sexton
Refreshing…funny and convincing…Hilarious…Irish Examiner

Tickets: €10
Bookings: 087-1129970

The Irish Repertory Theatre, New York presents
A dark blue romantic comedy
by Laoisa Sexton
Directed by Tim Ruddy
Featuring John Duddy, Jo Kinsella, Georgina Mc Kevitt and Laoisa Sexton


Ireland is experiencing one of the greatest economic downturns in it’s history, the great recession, and three women in Dublin, are throwing down their handbags and looking for love, no matter what it costs.


“For a few minutes you made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone”


For Love, is a dark blue comedy, a relentless ride that takes us on a romp through the urban sexual experiences of three women in modern day central Dublin… Is there more than a one night stand in Val’s future? Can Tina find the right dress if she’s got the wrong man? Should Bee hop into bed with a married man or just go to the zoo?… Or is there something else out there? 

Witness what it means to be single to three Irish women, what they will put themselves through and what they will or won’t do…For love…


“A brilliantly funny new play about the thorny pursuit of love in Dublin that delights the audience with it’s raw wit”


“Refreshing…funny and convincing…hilarious” 


“FOR LOVE has a refreshing courage and depth of honesty that is both funny and convincing” IRISH EXAMINER


“FOR LOVE features a flawless cast…which takes us on a whirlwind tour of contemporary Dublin nightlife seen from a young woman’s perspective in a way that is so authentic and casually funny that it disarms you from the first scene…highly crafted, smart but straight from life…Sexton’s female characters are the most interesting and most recognizably Irish I have seen on an Irish stage in years!”



“Sexton’s straight from Irish life language, her preoccupation with how sex can reveal our deeper nature, and her awareness that a moment of well timed humor can defuse almost any situation, marks her out as a new star of the Irish theater, and is a welcome rejoinder to the increasingly almost all-male world of Irish highly produced playwriting”


“FOR LOVE starts with a bang…refreshing, funny and convincing…the writing is hilarious” IRISH EXAMINER


“FOR LOVE by Laoisa Sexton is the strongest debut play by an Irish writer I have ever seen.” 

Cahir O’Doherty – IRISH CENTRAL Review




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