Ergophobia:  ( fear of or aversion to work)

Written by Ciarán Colley and Aidan Durkan

14 – 19 May 2012  8pm

€10.00  Call 0871129970

Grumble Theatre presents the tale of two friends: One a potential loser and the other a loser with potential.
A hilarious new comedy about two outcasts from post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, left to struggle in a harsh world of unrelenting interviews, unconventional psychiatry and unmerciful rejection letters, with nothing to survive on, apart from the dole, desperate ideas and a lot of false hope.

One was born into wealth and, for a variety of reasons, has decided to opt out of it by becoming a dole ‘lifer’. His philosophy is ‘we have nothing to fear but work itself’.

His comrade is a recently unemployed civil servant. His main purpose in life is to make a little cash every week, in order to afford the essential things in life, such as imported German beer and package holidays. He’s stuck in a bind of constant fear of being idle and yet never getting anything done.

Secrets unfold, truths are unearthed and together they strive to take on the job market and the world of big business. With the ideas flowing thick and fast, how can they fail?




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