Duet for One

10348200_760545184021948_6942933898718693595_nSept 28 – Oct 10 

Written by Tom Kempinsky
Directed by Dan O Mahony
Starring Michael Shanley and Brenda Larby
Intimate theatre at its best“.. Alf McCarthy-RTE  ‘..superb, deeply affecting, memorable performances ‘ ..No More Workhorse

Tickets: €12
Bookings: 087-1129970

This immmensely moving play won the London Theatre Critics Award in 1980 for best play. Duet for One is about Stephanie Abrahams, a famous concert violinist who is stricken with a disease which necessitates her retirement from the stage and which threatens her marriage as well.

The play is inspired by the true story of the cellist, Jaqueline du Pré, and her husband, Conductor Daniel Barenboim. The play is structured as a series of interviews between the violonst and her psychiatrist in which she learns to cope with her illness and its effect on her life.

Although a poignant theme, we are uplifted by a sense of hope: that hope is the light within the darkness.

‘ A wonderfully senstive play, positive and optimistic’.. The London Financial Times.

‘ A first rate play’.. The London Sunday Times.

‘ Intimate theatre at its best’/..Alf McCarthy RTE.

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