ClickWebJune 9 – 21

Written by Michael Collier
Directed by Caroline FitzGerald
Performed by Aidan Crowe & Ciarán Kenny

“Collier has a soaring touch with dialogue that calls for helpless laughter as often as it hits you in the stomach”Emer O’Kelly,Sunday Independent


Tickets: €10
Bookings: 087-1129970

How do you get men to talk about their feelings? Simple: Threaten them with death.

On a fishing trip to Croatia, Pauly and Jacko, stroll through a field when Pauly hears a click. Panicking that he has just stepped on a defective land-mine left over from the war he stands rooted to the spot afraid to lift his foot. As they wait for rescue talk turns to life, love, limbs and what it means to be a modern man. As the hours pass not only are their lives in jeopardy but so is their friendship as buried secrets threaten to destroy everything.

Click is a dramatic comedy about two lifelong friends trying to survive. On the surface Pauly and Jacko are your average mates. They go fishing together, or have a pint and talk about football. However when they are put in a life or death situation the truth of their relationship comes out. Is it all banter and no substance? Their past has joined them together but is their present connection really as close as it seems. Click explores the nature of friendship, specifically male friendship and asks whether it is superficial or just unspoken. If you have helped each other through the darkest hours do you really need to talk about them? Click combines the wit of a Dublin Bus driver with an exploration of the difficulties of being a modern man.

“Collier has a soaring touch with dialogue that calls for helpless laughter as often as it hits you in the stomach” – Emer O’Kelly, Sunday Independent

“… a tightly constructed two-hander that exploits its novel dramatic situation to full comic effect.” – Dr. Ian R. Walsh,

Image of Jacko looking up at Pauly

Image of Jacko on his knees

Image of Pauly & Jacko

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