Break A Leg

 Extra performances Fri 20th & Sat 21st Sept

Back by popular demand

Written & Performed by Peter Sheridan
Directed by Maggie Byrne

It is essential viewing…Irish Times“Truly brilliant with such insight and humour”..Dermot Bolger” A witty, incisive show.. a tour de force”.. Joe Duffy



Break A Leg  .. a tour de force…. Irish Mail On Sunday

Tickets: €10
Bookings: 087-1129970

In ‘Break a Leg’, Peter Sheridan tells the story of his life from his early teens through to adulthood and his decision to move to the USA. Along the way Peter grows up, explores his sexuality, finds love and has children, makes theatre, gains and loses friends and writes openly, honestly and movingly about his experiences.



‘We’re going to make a play out of our own lives and we’re putting it on in three weeks. Now let’s get started…’ Break a Leg’ is Peter Sheridan’s new one man show based on his recently published memoir by the same name. Exploring the story of his life in the theatre it meanwhile touches on so much more. An insightful work which touches the wider culture and politics of Ireland in 1960s and 1970s.  A wonderful evocation of Ireland of that era through the prisim of one man’s unique experience. The theatre, seen through Sheridan’s eyes, can do much more than entertain: it can itself be a vehicle of social change.

If you enjoyed 47 ROSES you will love Break A Leg.

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