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AYHAL - Peter Main ImageSun Dec 6
Back by popular demand!

Written and performed by Peter Sheridan
Sheridan is pure theatre..Sunday Independant
Treat yourself and go.. Red Curtain
Tickets €12

Tickets: €12
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“Is there such a thing as Irish humour? Or Jewish humour? Or New York humour? And what about Jewish and New York combined?

There is a clip of Woody Allen from his early stand-up career. He takes a silver watch from his pocket and holds it up. “This watch means a lot to me. My grandfather, he sold it to me on his deathbed”

I’ve been a collector of stories since I was at school. I remember our third class teacher, Brother Wilson, telling us that he was going to improve our chances of getting a job after school by teaching us elocution. Jimmy Kinsella, who sat beside me, put his hand up and asked, “What sort of sums are they, Brother?”

I have long been fascinated by what makes Dublin stories resonate in their particular way. We all have our favourite northside/southside jokes. But there is more to it than a social division delineated by the river.

To begin with, I’ve gone back to the Irish language. We lost it, it was a catastrophe, but we brought much of the Gaelic rhythms and patterns to the way we spoke the new language, English. The tension caused by the clash of the two languages is at the core of what makes the English spoken in Ireland unique and idiosyncratic”… Peter Sheridan

‘Treat yourself and go..’ Red Curtain Review

‘Sheridan is pure theatre’..Sunday Independant

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